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Midwives' and women's understanding of cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy

The electronic databases CINAHL, Maternity and Infant Care, EMBASE and PubMed were systematically searched using key words and terms, which included: midwife, midwives, woman, women,...

Unmet need for family planning among Myanmar migrant women in Bangkok, Thailand

More people are on the move than ever before People migrate from one place to another for the purpose of getting better opportunity for jobs and lifestyles across the world The global level of...

Talking about smoking cessation with postnatal women: exploring midwives' experiences

Maintenance of smoking cessation after pregnancy remains a challenge, with many women who quit during pregnancy relapsing by six months (Logan et al, 2017) Factors relating to relapse postnatally are...

Perinatal mental ill health: the experiences of women from ethnic minority groups

Mental health disorders are among the most common morbidities experienced during the perinatal period (Megnin-Viggars et al, 2015) These disorders may be pre-existent or they may develop during the...

Women's experiences of outpatient induction of labour

Approximately 326% of labours in the UK are induced, either before or after the estimated due date (NHS Digital, 2018) This number has increased by 122% in the past 10 years (NHS Digital, 2018) and is...

Impact of an educational intervention on breastfeeding behaviour among pregnant women

The nutritional advantage of breastfeeding for the development, health, and survival of infants and young children has been well recognised around the world and accepted as an important public health...

Can maternity care move beyond risk? Implications for midwifery as a profession

Changes in society, including higher levels of education in the population and higher expectations of health services, have resulted in a belief that risk can be controlled or even prevented, and...

Talking about smoking cessation with pregnant women: Exploring midwives' accounts

It is estimated that 11% of women in the UK smoke during pregnancy (Office for National Statistics, 2014) Smoking is recognised as a significant predictor for adverse outcomes in pregnancy, increased...

Exploring health professionals’ and women's awareness of models of maternity care evidence

The organisation of maternity care is paramount in providing safe, cost effective and normalised care for women (Sandall et al, 2010) Maternity care can be delivered using different models

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