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My Expert Midwife. (accessed 15 August 2022)

Trying to conceive

02 September 2022
Volume 30 · Issue 9


Karen McEwen discusses My Expert Midwife's kit and guide for helping couples who are trying to have a baby

One aspect of health that can be difficult to navigate on the internet is the subject of ‘trying to conceive’. The availability and accuracy of ovulation prediction and pregnancy tests has made it seemingly easier for people to plan when to start or expand their family. However, although more people are using these tests to try to help them conceive, the supporting information surrounding the biology of human reproduction is often lacking.

My Expert Midwife develops products that provide real solutions for common problems experienced by women throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. Co-founder and midwife Lesley Gilchrist and her team of in-house midwives have used their knowledge and experience to build a website of information hubs, including a wide range of topics to help support and improve the lives of women and families.

Fertility problems in the UK are common, with up to 15% of couples experiencing subfertility (Manders et al, 2015). Those who have problems trying to conceive can experience stress and anxiety, which could be avoidable for some if they had access to more information and tools to help improve their chances of becoming pregnant. My Expert Midwife's trying to conceive kit was developed to help people understand how they can maximise their chances of becoming pregnant.

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